The first Act of Action Design Research


labelAction Design Research

The objective of this study was to co-create an alfa-version of the online platform (i.e. the website with a pool of experts. We conducted the workshop at ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. ITMO University is one of the leading technology universities in Russia emphasizing the development of technological innovation and ICTs. A part of the university, Institute of Design and Urban Studies is “an experimental educational hub, created to promote innovative approaches for urban transformation, human-oriented design and business education in dynamic urban environments, services and (eco) systems”. The institute uses multidisciplinary approach accumulating a heterogeneous nevertheless synergetic mix of experts and students of various backgrounds, namely architects, sociologists, product designers, computer scientists. Such a pool of competencies and mindsets is able to produce a design prototype meeting both functional and non-functional requirements of the artifact. More details about Act 1 could be found here.

Publication date: 12.03.2018