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Instruction for sensors

A design manual should contain clear description along with textual and graphical instructions in order to be reproducible. A GitHub page serves as a showcase and allows to download detailed instructions.

Required information for GitHub page

  • Project name
  • Location: Country, City, Address, link on a map, etc.
  • Year of development
  • Block “Photos”
  • Project description: Short description of a project. Project goals and achieved results
  • Project team: Description of the project team: participants, their bio, project roles, contacts, etc.

Project manuals and blueprints

Project manuals should be written in a language understandable to the general public, be clear and concise. Required information

  • Motivation for project implementation (why and for whom)
  • Effects of the project
  • Key actors and their main functions in the project
  • Characteristics of the territory (area, type of place, reasons for people to visit the place)
  • Used materials and human resources
  • Requirements to the professional competencies and skills of specialists implementing the project
  • Mandatory requirements
  • Time spent on implementation
  • Sources and amount of funding
  • Required alignments with a municipality, businesses, etc.
  • Step-by-step implementation plan
  • List of sources i.e. books, articles, websites, etc.
  • Recommendations for further improvement
  • Project management manual

It's recommended to make an instruction at the same time as the project, in order to document a project development in real time. In this case, one can visually see the time spent on the implementation stages and the result obtained visually on the timeline. Otherwise, participants can forget the details associated with the implementation after a while. The instructions should be step-by-step, detailed, and visual (with diagrams, models, illustrations, etc.). Additionally, it can reflect the problems encountered during the implementation.

Recommendations for photos

  • A space before an intervention
  • A space with implemented project
  • Photos of the construction process
  • Photos of tools and materials

OSU-platform is a design research experiment on the phase of alpha-test. If you're interested in participation, please write an email to

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