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OSU-Hub is an organized group of urban activists of some city. A hub can be formal or informal non-government organization of people interested in spreading the ideas of open source urban design. Volunteers involved in activities of an OSU-Hub act as peers according to principles of commons-based peer production. Some peers perform duties of 'OSU-ambassadors' in their city, namely management and media coverage of OSU-Hub activities, and relations with citizens, businesses, and government. OSU-Hubs are connected to the global network of peers that collectively produce open source innovative urban design.

Peers that have competencies in urban design and architecture may serve as 'sensors' collecting information about Do-It-Yourself urban initiatives existing in their city. 'Sensing' of urban initiatives is the most important component of the platform. It includes taking photos and videos of the initiatives, collecting its blueprints and drawings, and interviewing makers in order to create a comprehensive manual of initiative reproduction by peers in any other city. These manuals are stored in open repositories that freely accessible by anyone. Moreover, peers can copy a repository and change or improve a design project. Such platform architecture gives wide possibilities for open urban design co-production.

Hubs offline Peers of an OSU-Hub organize offline events, such as work meetings and events that popularize and promote the idea of open source urbanism among citizens.

Hubs online Platform offers a social network for peers based on open source social network HumHub. It gives a convenient infrastructure for collective action, for instance, project discussion and urban design knowledge co-production. If you are interested in the idea of open source urbanism you can register as a peer and actively participate in co-production of open source urban design.

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